How to pass special lawyer exam?

Special lawyer exam

You must support the lawyer exam paper, but between practice and the rest you are afraid of not being able to optimize the time you have available and would you like help to keep up with the study?

Are you on the verge of coming to the oral exam and would you like to test your preparation to make sure you hit the mark?

Here is the solution for you!

The SDF Team offers a consultancy / assistance / tutoring service for the preparation of the written exam and the oral examination. Based on your needs, you can ask:

  • Assistance in planning the study calendar;
  • Accompaniment in the preparation phase of the study with scheduled periodic questions;
  • Simulations of the oral examination of the lawyer exam;

Personal advice in the approach and method of study.

If you are also interested in this offer, write an email, briefly explain your needs and leave us a telephone number to be contacted.