How to write a thesis?

In what field do you make your degree thesis? On which topic is it worth writing a degree thesis? How can I choose the theme among the various proposed by my supervisor? How do I create the thesis title?

And again, once the topic and title have been chosen:

  • how to set up a thesis?
  • how to create the index?
  • how is material research carried out?
  • how do you look for jurisprudence in dedicated databases?
  • how do topics develop?
  • how do you deal with the drafting of theses and counter theses?
  • how do you make the bibliography of the thesis?
  • how do you write your graduation thesis notes?
  • these and many other questions are often asked.

For 5 years of university they asked you to study for many exams (mostly oral) and this activity you should now be able to do well enough … the same cannot be said for writing! Rarely have you been asked (and therefore taught) to write such a complex work as a degree thesis.

Therefore first of all do not panic: it is normal for you to be totally disoriented and embarrassed in front of the blank page. Believe me you are in good company, there are so many students in your situation and they write to me every month.

For this reason I decided to dedicate a tutoring service to those interested in the realization of their degree thesis.

What you can receive is:

  • practical and operational help in identifying the topic to propose to your teacher to write the thesis;
  • help in the creation of the thesis lineup and in the ideation of the index;
  • help in collecting online and off-line material (including through specialized legal databases);
  • assistance in organizing the material collected;
  • assistance and revision of drafts at the drafting stage;
  • assistance in the creation of notes and bibliography;
  • help you understand what kind of work your teacher expects from you;
  • help improve your operating method and work if your supervisor is not always satisfied;
  • help to speed up the time in order to be able to graduate in the deadlines you gave yourself.

This service that I will offer – with the help of my team – is dedicated exclusively to undergraduates in law or in any other faculty who have chosen to do a thesis in law.

If you are also interested in this offer write me an e-mail, briefly explain your needs and leave me a contact address to be contacted.

In the meantime, if you want to start making you an idea on how to orientate your work, I invite you to see this video of mine that offers various ideas to begin to get familiar with the topic:

PS. Remember that pursuant to Law 19/04/1925, n. 475 constitutes an unlawful presentation, as its own, of dissertations, studies, publications and, in general, works that are the work of others, for the purpose of obtaining the degree. For this reason, I will be happy to give you all the help I can to help you achieve your goals, but you can’t ask me to do the thesis for you!