Studying right is impossible, if you don’t know how to do it!

And what if there was a way to graduate? IN course and pass the state exam or any other exam or competition in law on the first try, with full marks?

I have good and bad news for you.

Let’s start with the good: the method to graduate IN course and pass the state exam or any other first-time exams, with the highest grade, even if you have never been the geek-student-model (indeed!) EXISTS.

It exists and I am the proof. I graduated with full marks in session at the Faculty of Jurisprudence of Padua and I passed, with the highest marks and compliments of the commission, the State exam at the first shot. And no. I was never the “genius” of the matter, indeed. I was a pretty mediocre high school student.

So, if I succeeded, with the right commitment and my method you can do it too.

The bad news instead is that, without the right Method, for how much good will, effort and effort you can put us to study jurisprudence, you will always be forced to make a very hard life …

Studying a complex subject such as law is an absolutely tremendous and difficult thing … If you don’t know how to do it!

Said terra terra: the number of law students who leave the company after the first semester is very high and, of those that continue, only a negligible percentage reaches really excellent results.

Aspiring attorneys who pass the qualifying examination for the legal profession at the first shot are ridiculous.

Same story for those who try other far more challenging competitions such as the judiciary.

Not surprisingly, especially here in Italy where legal education is theoretical and confusing, if you improvise you are destined to fail quickly.

To summarize on the bone, here are the main causes of this disease:

The preparation that you are receiving or that you have received at the University is theoretical and often impractical (given that the amount of program to be carried out is enormous and it is not said that there is time to add a practical cut to the concepts to be learned);

The manuals on which you study or have studied are designed to explain the concepts and, therefore, are necessarily analytical, perhaps with a language that is necessarily technical and difficult to digest for those approaching the law for the first time;

Moreover, by their nature, the information contained in the legal text, to be explained, must be repeated and carried out according to an order that is not necessarily functional to the final exhibition;

Any teaching aids that you can find on the market (compendiums, schemes, pins), of any publishing house, cannot in any way facilitate the learning process, as they do not add more (or higher quality) information than you can find in good university textbooks;

No one out there will ever tell you what are the secrets to making the most of your brain, which is a kind of super powerful computer but you don’t have the instruction manual for;

The system teaches you every day not to take responsibility for your failures, therefore every failure is the fault of the too strict Prof., of the Examination Commission who has not even read your act and so on.

I could go on but I prefer to stop here so as not to rage further. In any case, I hope the concept is clear that studying with these assumptions, if not impossible, is still a crazy grind!

Do you really want to find out how to study law? Do you want to avoid falling into the crazy mistakes that your colleagues continue to make, often without even realizing it?

In this video, tremendously different from anything else on the study of law, you have ever seen and heard until now I will explain to you, without a hitch on the tongue, the only real way that will lead you to excel in the study of this legal subject and to satisfy the needs of your professor.

This is the method that led me, a student at all brilliant in high school, to graduate in four years, in session, with the highest grades and pass the state exam on the first stroke.

Please note: I’m not giving you the usual list of tips from the cabbage type: “Highlight the main concepts … identify the key words …” Nor do I sell you a hyper-summary summary of 43 subjects in 34 microscopic pages . Also because, if you have a minimum idea of ​​what it means to study law, you know that the results I told you – degree in 4 years and state exam passed at the first time, both with the highest grades – are things that you don’t win with some trick trick. It takes method. If you listen to this video, you too can have the same kind of extraordinary results.

If you are really tired of going crazy trying to memorize hundreds of pages of books without getting the results you want, then all you have to do is watch the video and take your studio and your future to the next level!